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The ZV MECCANICA company was founded in 1997, by Mr. VITTORIO ZANELLA, who, after forty years of experience in the metalworking sector, decided to create a company focused on precision mechanics.

In just a few short years, he managed to train some skilled workers, and together they took the company forward to a level that could guarantee the quality of the products supplied to customers and prompt delivery times.

In recent years, the acquisition of increasingly technological machinery and an investment in ever more specialised staff training have enhanced the production process.

In addition, the creation of a Metrology room, with increasingly sophisticated equipment, guarantees product control, in both the processing and the finished phases, ensuring that the client receives the promised quality.

Mr. Zanella’s experience and professionalism can now be found in the new management team, consisting of Angelo Angeli, (Owner and Production Manager), and his wife, Sabrina Avancini, (Partner and Administration Manager) who had both worked with the previous owner for a number of years.

The Corporate Policy of the new Management is even more focused on improving the production process, by investing in technologically advanced machinery and equipment and hiring highly qualified staff. An apprenticeship recruitment programme has also been established which qualifies high school leavers, giving the customer even greater guarantees regarding the quality of the product, punctuality of deliveries, flexibility and compliance with the agreed conditions and specific requirements.